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Dear Commissioner:

I am writing to request that you REJECT the latest reapplication for a consistency determination on the pending the US Fish and Wildlife Service poison dispersal plan for the Southeast Farallon Island. As you know, this proposal targets the middle of a treasured State Marine Reserve and would also be right in the midst of our longstanding Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary within whose waters such activities are expressly precluded. Our Marine Sanctuary regulations even ban pollutants that “enter and injure” Sanctuary resources from outside of the boundaries of the sanctuary. As a constituent and admirer of the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, as well as a constituent of the California Coastal Commission, I must ask that you deny the requested consistency finding for this proposal.

It remains incumbent on the Wildlife Service to find a more targeted and environmentally benign single-species approach at the Farallones, one less dependent on persistent food-chain poisons that have a known record of killing animals that are not part of the problem. Responsible stewardship of America’s public trust living resources, particularly within our National Marine Sanctuaries and elsewhere on the California coast, deserves a more precautionary approach.

Please reject consistency for this item, since to do otherwise would set a terrible precedent for both the Commission and for our Sanctuary waters.

Thank you very much.


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